"It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” – Dumbledore - The Chamber of Secrets
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Learning together, growing together; inspiring our children in their journey through life.

Sports Premium

We are delighted to see that the Government will continue investment in the Primary PE & Sport Premium, as announced in December 2015 through ‘Sporting Future: A New Strategy for an Active Nation’. The provision of this additional ring-fenced funding, specifically to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport schools offer, demonstrates the importance placed on PE & school sport by Government and this is something we very much support.


This year the grant conditions and accompanying guidance have been revised to emphasise that the funding must be used to enhance, rather than maintain, existing provision and that improvements must be sustainable in the long term.  Please see details below about our current sports funding expenditure.

Schools Tennis Team Competition


On Monday 10th July 2017 KS1 children from Cassiobury Infant School took part in an all day mini-tennis competition with pupils from Nascot Wood Infant School. The competition was organised by our tennis coach Angie, and took place at the Cassiobury Tennis Club. The children competed in a six different activities involving different tennis skills. 


We were extremely pleased to win both the Year 1 and Year 2 competition, proving our tennis lessons have definitely had a positive impact on our learning in P.E!

Picture 1
Picture 2

KS1 tennis competition against Nascot Wood Infants

Athlete Mentor Programme


On Monday 3rd July 2017, the pupils of Cassiobury Infant & Nursery School were extremely excited to meet Olympic Finalist, former British Record Holder and Commonwealth Gold Medalist...Montell Douglas!


Montell visited our school as part of an athlete mentor programme (funded by Sports Premium money), in which the Youth Sport Trust deploys some of Britain’s most successful world class athletes into schools to inspire young people and improve thousands of lives all across the UK. The team is made of past and present athletes across a wide variety of sports who have all competed at an elite level, with many having experience of Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games along with World and European Championships.


Although they have all tasted success, they have also all come up against challenges in their lives and have inspiring stories about how sport has helped them in their career. The team also has extensive experience of engaging with young people in the capacity of mentors and role models to create aspiration and provide support for young people to achieve their personal best in sport or life.


Montell Douglas talked to pupils in a whole school assembly about her achievements, her skills of perseverance and how she overcame injury to make it into the Team GB squad for the Beijing Olympics.

Picture 1 In assembly Montell spoke about her achievements.
Picture 2 'Engaging whole families in active play' workshop
Picture 3 Parents and children had active fun together.

Parent voice

"It was fun and great to spend time with my son in his school. We will definitely play some of the games at home."


"I really enjoyed the activities and spending time with my child."


"A really enjoyable session, thanks for the opportunity."

Picture 1 We learnt about managing anger, fear, and anxiety.
Picture 2
Picture 3 Reception took part in challenge games.
Picture 1 'Red Head / Blue Head' workshop for Year 1.
Picture 2 Year 1 undertook the 'rope of fear' challenge.
Picture 3 They learnt how to perform under pressure.
Picture 4

Pupil voice - The children were asked: what one word describes how you felt spending time with the athlete? Here are some of their answers...

"inspiring"     "excited"     "active"     "fun"     "energetic"     "interesting"     "happy"     "good"     "joyful"


Herts School's Mini-Red County Tennis Competition


On Monday 12th June 2017, ten children from Cassiobury Infant and Nursery School were selected to play in a county tennis competition, run by our coach Angie Gunn. Five teams of pairs competed against players from Cassiobury Junior School, Wheatfield, Broxbourne  and Nascot Wood school. They played four games of Doubles, with tie-breaks to 10. A great afternoon was had by all!

Picture 1

Weekly tennis lessons with our coach Angie

Weekly tennis lessons with our coach Angie 1
Weekly tennis lessons with our coach Angie 2
Weekly tennis lessons with our coach Angie 3

Every week, children in Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 have a tennis lesson with coach Angie and their class teacher. Angie teaches them the different techniques and skills needed to play tennis. Some children have recently been selected to play in a mini-Red doubles tennis competition at Cassiobury Tennis Club!


Pupil voice: "I didn't know how to play tennis, but Angie showed me different skills and now I'm getting the hang of it." (Ruairi, Year 2)


Teacher voice: "Angie has shown me techniques such as 'knees-to-trees' which can be used in lessons to practise getting the ball over the net." (Reception Teacher)


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

We carried out a pupil survey to find out what new equipment the children would like to keep them fit and active at lunch times. Pupils asked for mini-golf resources for the playground; they have been a great success!