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Cassiobury Infant and Nursery School

Learning together, growing together; inspiring our children in their journey through life.

Who's Who

Cassiobury Infant and Nursery School Governors 2016-17

Mr Jeremy Alden COP  
Mr Michael Cresswell COP  
Vacancy COP  
Mr Donald Page COP  
Ms Beverley Johnson COP  
Mrs Patricia Stanbury (Vice Chair) COP  
Ms Sallyann Applegarth AM  
Mrs Emma Edwards (Headteacher) HT  
Ms Claire Holland LEA  
Mrs Emma Boylan (Chair) PAR  
Mrs Rakhi Khetani PAR  
Mr Simon Taylor PAR  
Vacancy PAR  
Mrs Karen Watkin PAR  
Vacancy STF  
Mrs Debbie Sharp AM  


Mrs Tracey Middleton - Clerk to the Governors


Below are declarations and information that you may find of interest. If you wish to contact the Cassiobury Infant & Nursery School Governors, please do so by emailing