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Cassiobury Infants House Tag Rugby Festival March 2019

This week we held our first ever House Tag Rugby Festival between: Colne, Gade, Union and Chess. Our Coaches Angie and Rick organised a festival of multi-skills activities, in addition to actual Tag Rugby Games. The children in each class then competed to earn points for their House. The winning team was... Chess!

252 children took part in the competition, of which 96% said they enjoyed the festival. Here are some of their feedback comments:


  • There were lots of activities
  • We got to challenge each other and see which House won
  • I had lots of fun
  • I liked the Tag Rugby because we were doing everything we had been taught by Angie 
  • I loved playing for my House team
  • I enjoyed using my skills
  • We had more exercise
  • I liked it when we took each other’s tags off

We asked the children how their Tag Rugby lessons with Angie had prepared them for the festival, here are some of their answers:


  • We learnt the skills and rules we needed
  • We learnt the rules
  • We learnt how to hold the ball
  • It made me train properly – I tried hard at each activity
  • We learnt how to work in a team
  • I know how to pass the ball
  • I could tag people
  • We knew how to play the games