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'Cassiobury Chicks' Blog



Tuesday 19th December

Today the chicks were relocated to their new home where they will live for the rest of their lives. They joined 5 other chicks who hatched around the same time and made friends instantly! The chicks will be kept indoors for a few more weeks before being moved outside to their forest pen!

We have loved watching the chicks grow and hope we can successfully incubate more eggs in the future.

Monday 4th December

The chicks began their journey around school this morning. Their first visit was to Heron class. We sat in a big circle and let the chicks run around in the middle. We even got to stroke and hold them if we wanted to!


Thursday 30th November

Mrs Cooper was greeted this morning by more chicks who had hatched overnight. They were a little bit wet still so we think it happened in the early hours of the morning. Very exciting!!

Wednesday 29th November

This morning when we arrived at school, something very exciting had happened! One of our eggs had 'pipped'. That means that the chick was getting ready to hatch. We watched and we watched all day until....


Happy Birthday Chick Number 1!

We kept them in the incubator for a few hours to 'fluff' up before transferring them to their new home, where they will grow for the next couple of weeks.


(Some of the other eggs have pipped too so we hope for more arrivals tomorrow!)

Wednesday 22nd November

Today, we checked the development of the chicks using a tool called a 'candler'. Egg candling is a necessary part of the incubation process as it helps us identify whether the embryo is developing as it should.


Can you see the dark spot in the egg? That's the chick!


All being well we should have some Cassiobury Chicks this time next week...

Wednesday 8th November 2017


Today our 12 eggs went into the incubator. We have three different breeds, which means that the eggs are different colours and sizes.

We are so excited to (hopefully) see them hatch in a couple of weeks!


Check back here for updates on our hatching journey.