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Creative Focus Week 2019

Creative Focus Week - as told by the children


Our Creative Focus Week took place Monday 21st - Friday 25th October 2019 and was planned around the text ‘The Great Fairy Tale Disaster’ by David Conway. All of the learning activities for the week were linked to English, Art, Music and PE. 


As part of our Creative Focus Week activities, each year group has been asked to report on a day for the school newsletter and website. Below are the children’s thoughts and words about their Focus Week…


Monday – Tia and Alfred (Year 2)


Once upon a time, three Year 2 classes started the day by taking part in a dance workshop with ViBeatz. Megan exclaimed that “It was amazing because we did different dance moves like the snake!” Tia thought “The dance was quite challenging because there were lots of steps, but it was really fun.”


Later that day, they read and acted out a variety of fairy tales, including Little Red Riding Hood, the Ginger Bread Man and the Three Little Pigs. They also explored the features of a fairy tale…do you know what the features of a fairy tale are? We will tell you! The first feature is that all fairy tales begin with ‘Once upon a time’.


That afternoon they carouseled around the different classrooms to take part in art activities. In each room they developed their art skills, such as painting and mark making. The end result was a fairy tale landscape complete with characters…and they all lived happily ever after!

Tuesday - Nursery


On Tuesday we went on a fairy tale adventure around the school. We ran round the running track looking for the Gingerbread Man! 

Pupil Voice:


  • "The pumpkin turned into a carriage." Ayla
  • "We built a tower for Rapunzel" Jessie
  • "We ran on the running track" Jake
  • "There was porridge in the forest!" Seth

Wednesday -  Freddie, Abbie, Sanaya (Reception)


We had a great time in Reception today mixing, stirring and rolling our bear biscuit ingredients. We used a recipe to measure the ingredients we needed. We then rolled some of the mixture, chose a shape and then we cooked our bear biscuits.  Freddie predicted that they would taste ‘sweet’.  Abbie thought they will taste like, ‘chocolate and strawberry’ and Sanaya said they would look ‘crispy’. 

Reception Pupil Voice:

  • "My favourite part was the dancing workshop because of the Big Bad Wolf music. I liked being a wolf." Haytham
  • "I liked the dancing part and I want to dance when I’m bigger." Layla
  • "I liked making the biscuits and I made a Big Bad Wolf biscuit." Rohan
  • "I liked the music, especially the violin. Nina played the violin with her mummy." Libby
  • "I liked writing the story because it’s really fun." Diya
  • "I liked making the biscuits. I liked pushing the cutter in the biscuit." Daniel
  • "My favourite part of today was cutting the biscuits." Freddie
  • "I liked cutting out the biscuits and my mum playing the violin." Nina
  • "I liked making the biscuits because I mixed it." Hannah


Even the teachers had fun...


  • "I loved the dance workshop. Everyone was smiling and having fun." Mrs Russo
  • "I loved Nina’s mum coming in to sing to us. She sang beautifully and she chose some of our favourite songs. She played the violin and recorder too. What a talented musician she is!" Mrs Woodley

Thursday – Zeca and Claudia (Year 1)


Once upon a time there were three Year 1 classes, Robin, Hedgehog and Kingfisher. On Thursday they finished off their mixed up fairy tales where they wrote about different characters and unusual problems. Next they watched David Latham, an artist, paint a picture. After that they sang their Year 1 song ‘We’re Rich!’ It was exciting and fun for Year 1.

And finally…

We finished off the week with a special Star of the Week Assembly, to celebrate the children’s learning, followed by a sing-song of fairy tale songs from each class. We also announced the winner of the #CassInfReading challenge – well done to Hedgehog class who earned a bag a Golden House Points!


Thank you to all of the parents and visitors that have supported our focus week and made it special for the children… we have had a great week. Here are some of the children’s favourite bits...


  • Jai enjoyed making a story wheel because “We got to create mixed up fairy tales.”
  • Ferdie “I loved making the landscape because we used different techniques like watercolour, collage and mark marking.”
  • Megan “I liked doing the dance workshop because we learnt lots of different moves and it was fun!”

Our School Council ran a bake-sale at the end of the week to raise funds for the school - it was VERY popular, raising £431.80! The money will be spent on resources for children in their classrooms.