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Dinosaur Day 7th February 2019

This term our EYFS topic (Rec & Nursery) was ‘The Land Before Time’. To enhance and enrich the children’s learning we held a Dinosaur Day on Thursday 7th February 2019, hosted by: Education Group.  


The children started the day with an exciting workshop in which they learned about the role of a palaeontologist. They were given large sandboxes in which to locate and identify fossils from some of the most iconic dinosaurs of the past...Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops to name but a few.They also found out about when each dinosaur lived, where they came from, what they ate and much more. 


In the afternoon, a T-Rex visited the children in Assembly. This was a life-like full body costume that was worked by a puppeteer... so real in fact, there were a few shocked faces!

Pupil Voice:



“I liked brushing the sand and I liked what I saw.” (fossils) Zahra

“I liked the bit where Sophie the dinosaur came out and everyone could touch it!” Georgia



"I liked it because of the big dinosaur ." Chloe

"It was good because I saw a big dinosaur head in the workshop digging out of the sand." Emelie

"I saw the big dinosaur and the little dinosaur." Tasneem



“ I liked the baby dinosaur and I liked the big one too.” Francesca

 “I liked going to school in my dinosaur costume.” Ronnie

“I enjoyed looking at all the fossils.” Zak

“ I liked it when the little dinosaur bit Mr Stevens’ hand!” Finlay

“I liked all of it!” James



‘Dinosaurs eat meat and some dinosaurs don’t eat meat. Some dinosaurs eat plants and leaves.’ James

The children in Nursery and Reception were inspired to write about their experiences from Dinosaur Day...