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Discovery Focus Week 2019

We held our Discovery Focus Week during 3rd- 7th June 2019 and based all of our learning around two texts: 'Ocean Meets Sky' (The Fan Brothers) and 'Maps' (Aleksandra & Daniel Mizienski).


The Discovery Team was led by the subject leaders of: History, Geography, R.E,  PSHCE and English. We started the week off with a  launch assembly during which the children were read the story of 'Ocean Meets Sky', as well as finding out about all of the exciting tasks and  activities planned for the week. Each class were given a different country to research during the Focus Week:

  • Squirrel - Australia
  • Owl - Thailand
  • Rabbit - Sweden
  • Woodpecker - Italy
  • Hedgehog - Spain
  • Kingfisher - New Zealand
  • Robin - Denmark
  • Badger - Brazil
  • Fox - Germany
  • Heron - China

Mastermind Quiz


At the end of the week the classes competed against each other in a Mastermind Quiz with questions based on the country that they had been learning about. How much do you know about the countries the children researched? Click on the link below to take the quiz...

We got up to lots of interesting activities during Discovery Focus Week...

Pupil Voice:

Did you enjoy Discovery Focus Week?


  • "I enjoyed learning about Brazil and the capital city Brasilia." Neve
  • "I liked finding out where landmarks were in Brazil." Maira
  • "I liked it because I liked learning how to speak some Portuguese words." Alfie
  • "I enjoyed the week because I learnt when Brazilian landmarks were started and completed." Lex
  • "I liked it because I found out all about the famous landmark Christ the Redeemer." Mishika


  • "I enjoyed learning about Germany and sharing my information on the Reichstag." Leonie
  • "I enjoyed learning the words in German." Brooke
  • "I liked looking on a map and locating different places in Germany." Amelia


  • "I love doing the Rakau – I taught my mum!" Florence
  • "I liked making the ANZAC biscuits." Malaik
  • "It was funny learning the haka and showing the parents." Harrison


  • "‘I enjoyed learning about Thailand. I liked playing [the quiz] with everybody." Freddy
  • "I liked learning about the Grand Palace in the capital Bangkok. It was built 1782." Daya


  • "We enjoyed learning about Denmark and some Danish words from Ingrid’s mum who came in." Robins
  • "I enjoyed making the longboat." Ibrahim
  • "I liked learning about the Vikings." Ivan

Bake Sale

At the end of the Discovery Focus Week we held an open-afternoon for parents to come in and look at our learning from throughout the week. We also had a bake sale, run by the School Council, where we sold food from around the world that each class had made during the focus week. The sale was very popular (and tasty!); we raised £343.80 which we are going to put towards Computing equipment for the children.