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Duathlon Day & Official Opening of our Running Track 2019

Our new running track was officially opened on Friday 6th September by local running legend, Jack Brooks. Jack has recently completed his 500th marathon, having travelled all over the world to compete in different marathons. He had many interesting photos and stories to share with the children about his adventures, and spoke to them about the different places that he has run and the animals that he has met whilst racing, such as grizzly bears, pythons and polar bears. 


After assembly, the whole school went outside to watch the track be officially 'opened'. All of the children then took turns to run around the track...

We also had the Triathlon Trust in school today for a Duathlon event for KS1. Each class took part in a session in which they cycled on a static bike, followed by running round the track, 2 minutes rest...repeated over and over again for half an hour! The challenge for this event was to work like our learning character Bee, to see how many ‘marathons’ each class could collectively complete in their session.

Pupil Voice:

Q. Did you enjoy Duathlon Day?


"I liked it because I got to run." (Jacob)

"I liked the bike, I’d never been on a bike before." (Hayden)

"I enjoyed riding the bikes and running around the track." (Francesca)


Q. What skills / ideas will you take away from this event?


"when you run your heart starts to beat really, really fast." (Taha)

"I’m going to Cassiobury Park to do more cycling."    (Mya)

"I'm Going on my bike this weekend." (Heron child)

"It was my first time on a 2 wheeled bike." (Hedgehog child)


Q. Do you think it is important to exercise? 


"Yes because it makes you strong." (Arthur)

"Yes because it makes you fit and healthy." (Aleeza)

"Yes because it’s good for your body." (Claudia)

"It makes me happy." (Heron child)