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Duathlon Day September 2018


On Friday 7th September 2018 we launched our Autumn Term topic ‘I’m Alive’ by holding a duathlon (bike-run) event for all KS1 children! The Triathlon Trust, who work to promote and inspire children to lead active healthy lifestyles, visited our school for the whole day. 


Each class participated in a duathlon, during which they cycled on static bikes followed by running around a circuit...they repeated this continuously for  30 minutes! Follow-up teaching this term will focus on the benefits of exercise, how it makes the body feel, and encouraging a passion for sport and future physical activity.

Tim Peake was very impressed with our efforts!


Mike, our coach for the day, Tweeted about our Duathlon Challenge... and Tim Peake replied! We also made it on to YouTube - see the link below!

YouTube - Cassiobury Infants Space 2 Earth Duathlon Challenge September 2018

Cassiobury Infants take the 'Space 2 Earth Challenge'. Can they bike and run the 400km distance to the International Space Station in their KS1 Duathlon challenge?

Pupil Voice:

Everybody that took part in the Duathlon challenge had an AMAZING day - nine children went on a bike for the first time! The children were asked what skills or ideas they would take away from participating in this event, here are some of their comments...


"I'd like to do more running." 

"I'd like to practise riding my bike more."

"Exercise makes our brains more efficient, its good not always being in the classroom."

"I'd like to get better at riding my bike without stabilisers."

"It reminded me that I have to exercise every day."

"We want to go cycling more."



Parent Feedback


We had lots of positive feedback from parents about the Duathlon Day, but this email from a parent really meant a lot...


"I just wanted to pass my thanks on for organising this event. My daughter really enjoyed it and has told me she feels really proud of herself. This means a lot to her as she always seems to think she's not very good at sports (despite me telling her otherwise) and is reluctant to give sporting activities a go - worried about being the slowest etc. Hopefully it'll encourage her to give more things a go in the future!"

Well done to all of the children who received an award for their amazing effort!