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Focus Week

During P.E Focus Week the children engaged in different sporting activities, as well as making and selling their own healthy snacks.
Pupil voice: "I loved making ice-lollies because they were healthy and tasted really nice at the end!" (Amelie, Fox Class)

A-Life (Monday 22nd May)

On Monday A-Life came in.
We did lots of different exercises: jumping...
...sit-ups with a partner...
...and boxing!

Multi-skills (Tuesday 23rd May)

Multi-skills with Watford Boys Grammar School
Year 2 took part in a variety of activities.

Fitness and Fun! (Wednesday 24th May)

CJS hosted 'super-hero fitness' for Year 1.
Children competed in 'Cassiobury's Got Talent'

Tennis Festival (Thursday 25th May)

Children in Reception, Yr1 & Yr2 took part...
...and tried to win points for their team.

Pupil voice:


"I liked the tennis tournament because it was fun and there were lots of different activities to do." (Jiya, Fox Class)


"When we had the tennis tournament I liked balancing the tennis ball. My mummy helped us!" (Rory, Owl Class)


You can see which team won the Tennis Festival here...

Tag-Rugby & Yoga (Friday 26th May)

A coach came in for the day to teach tag-rugby.
Reception had a Yoga lesson from Neve's mummy.
Thank you to all of the coaches, staff and parents that helped make our PE Focus Week a success...we had an excellent time!

PE Focus Week - Staff get involved


The teachers also got involved in PE week. They completed a 'couch-potato' to 5km running challenge in a week, running an extra kilometer each night after school. Since then, some teachers have gone on to sign up to Park Run on a Saturday morning, proving it's never too late to get fit! 


They also visited the Cassiobury Bowls club where they took part in different activities to practise their bowling skills. A great evening was had by all.