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Lunch-time Activities

Keeping active at lunchtimes


We have spent some of our Sport Premium Grant on purchasing equipment to play with at lunchtimes. The children have a variety of different activities to choose from including: football, bats and balls, hoops and skipping ropes. In a recent pupil voice questionnaire 81% of pupils who were asked said that they played games at lunch time that were 'active' and made them 'out of breath' !


Pupil voice


We asked the children what they thought about their lunchtime break...

Picture 1 "I like football, we have to be in teams!"
Picture 2 "My favourite activity is tennis, I enjoy it!"
Picture 3 "I like to beat my friends at hoola-hooping!"
Picture 4 " I like javelin because we compete with friends."
Picture 5 "There are lots of activities on the grass!"
Picture 6 "I like to play with my friends and invent games!"

"I enjoy lunchtime because you can play with your friends and have fresh air."


"My favourite activity is skipping ropes because you can count the jumps!"


"There are lots of games you can play with the hoola-hoops, like spinning the hoop and jumping over them!"


"My favourite activity is playing football because we get a lot of exercise!"