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Lunch-time Activities

Keeping active at lunchtimes


We have spent some of our Sport Premium Grant on purchasing equipment to play with at lunchtimes. The children have a variety of different activities to choose from including: football, bats and balls, hoops and skipping ropes. In a recent pupil voice questionnaire 81% of pupils who were asked said that they played games at lunch time that were 'active' and made them 'out of breath' !


Pupil voice - Summer Term 2019


We asked the children what they thought about their lunchtime break...

"I enjoy lunchtime because you can play with your friends and have fresh air."


"My favourite activity is skipping ropes because you can count the jumps!"


"There are lots of games you can play with the hoola-hoops, like spinning the hoop and jumping over them!"


"My favourite activity is playing football because we get a lot of exercise!"

Spring Term 2020 - With our new equipment, we are busier than ever at lunchtimes...

Results from our pupil survey:

Impact on learning


Q. In what ways, if any, does exercise help you with your learning?


  • "It makes us feel like we can do more learning!"
  • "It helps me to think sharply!"
  • "I am quieter after exercise and concentrate more."
  • "I get all my energy out and come back to class to be calm."
  • "It gives my brain a break."
  • "Makes you to be stronger."
  • "It teaches how to get fit."
  • "It helps me be ready to learn."
  • "It helps me concentrate more."
  • "Because like exercise, when you do learning you don’t give up."
  • "If I’ve been exercising I like my learning."
  • "When I run it helps me get stronger."
  • "It helps us to get better, it makes us more resilient!"
  • "It gives us more energy."
  • "It gets us ready to learn and listen."

Mental health and well-being


Q. How do you feel (emotionally rather than physically) after taking part in fitness activities at lunchtime/break-time?

Q. What do pupils think about the equipment that we have at lunchtimes & break…scooters / gym / track / play equipment?



  • I like the track because I can get better at my running (Megan)
  • I like the track because I can get fit on it (Arthur)
  • It’s so fun to go on the running track



  • I enjoy going on the scooters because I try and do more laps each time (Mason)
  • I like the scooters, it makes me feel healthy and I like doing it at school as well as home (Hafsah)
  • I love the scooters (Joseph)
  • I like the scooters because it exercises your legs (Sanaya)
  • I like the scooters because they are really fast and I like racing on the track (Annie)
  • I like the scooters because you can scoot around (Freya)
  • I like the scooters because it makes us have more exercise (Leona)



  • I enjoy the gym because it is fun! (George)
  • I like gym because I want to exercise with my friends (Kamden)



  • I think it is fabulous because it gives us lots to do! (Ava)
  • I like the bats and balls because I get to practise and get better at it (Ivan)
  • The equipment because I like going on it with my friends (Khloe)
  • Its good because I like playing with the hula hoops and I really liked it
  • I like them because they are fun and I went through the hoops (Hannah)
  • I like the hula hoops (Isa)
  • I like it because I can play with lots of things (James)
  • I like them because they are fun (Hadi)



  • I think it’s great, it keeps me fit! (Arianna)
  • I get to have fun at the same time as exercise! (Parth)
  • I like it because it makes me excited (Sulayman)
  • It makes me have lots of fun (Adam)
  • It is fun to have (Erin)