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National Poetry Day October 2018

We had a fantastic day celebrating National Poetry Day in school on Thursday 4th October. Every class, from Nursery up to Year 2, took

part in a variety of activities including reading and sharing favourite poems as well as writing their own poems. Some classes logged into to take part in the UK’s biggest classroom event!


Each class wrote their own, or individual, poem – a selection of which you can read here...Riana, Safiya and Amelia had their poems entered in 'The Lost Words' poetry competition!


Over the tree tops

Whizzing through the skies

Looking for their prey with their big beady eyes           (Written by the children in Owl Class)


Rabbits hide under the grass

Always eat carrots

Be quick, Peter Rabbit!

Better to hide in our safe burrow

It's warm and cosy inside

They make good pets!                 (Written by the children in Rabbit Class)


Blackbird sits in the tree listening to the people, when he hears a loud sound he

                                                                                                                  jumps and flies away!

Icelandic Gull flies very high in the sky, escaping noises below

Robin with his red chest in the snow watching the people building a snowman

Duck quacks loudly on the farm looking for her ducklings

Swan swims gracefully down the river her feet kicking fast under the water. 

                                                                                                                                 (Written by the children in Woodpecker Class)


Herons wait nicely for their mouth-watering food,

Elegantly hunt through the fresh water

Rapidly pick the shiny fish

Overjoyed with their scrumptious meal

Now the euphoric heron can whiz away home!        (Written by Safiya)


Red breasted robin silently sits on a towering wall,

Overjoyed by the sight of the wiggly worms.

Beautifully soaring through the light blue sky,

In the night its such a sight when they fly through the air.

Now the ecstatic robin can flutter away home.      (Written by Amelia)


Badgers digging deep in their holes looking for some food,

And Badgers are nocturnal and eat worms!

Digging through the rocks, running through the dark and sleeping in their setts,

Getting up in the night is not a big fright for a lovely little badger!

Eating worms, fruit and mice

Running over hills each and every night!            (Written by Riana)



Black, white

Handsome, thief, collector

Hopping through the woods


 (by Kingfisher Class)



Brown, spikey

Curling into a ball


 (by Jennica)



Fury, grey

Runs quickly

Eats acorns




Pupil Voice:

Here's what the children thought of National Poetry Day...


"Owls invited us to their class. We shared poems." (Emelie)

"I like writing poems!" (Hridaya)

"I enjoyed watching the live lesson because it was real life and we learnt about similes" (Taybah)

" I liked writing our poem because I liked thinking of interesting words." (Adam)

"I enjoyed reading the kitty cat poem." (Zach)