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Nursery Reporting of STEM Focus Week

Nursery enjoyed visiting the Reception classes on the last day of our STEM focus week to find out what they had been doing.

Rabbit Class

The children told us about using the 'Bluebots', "We press the 'x' thing and we put where the beebot wants to go.  Then press 'go' and it goes where we want it to go."


Rishaan made a rocket from plastic bottles, "One high and two short ones and put selotape around it."


George also made a rocket.  "Rishaan helped me put the door on"


Isla told us that they had read the story of "The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot" and she had been the mummy when they acted it out.

Owl Class

In Owl class we saw children making flying saucers.

We asked questions about a rocket they showed us.

Woodpecker Class

These children were drawing aliens.

Squirrel Class

In nursery we looked at all the different costumes the children were wearing.  

Here are Robot Ralph and Astronaut Layla.