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Outdoor Classroom Day November 2019

Outdoor Classroom Day is a global campaign to celebrate and inspire outdoor learning and play.


At Cassiobury we celebrated by having a camp fire- which is becoming quite a tradition! During our visit to the camp fire, we learnt about the fire triangle and discussed how to stay safe around a fire. We watched corn kernels 'pop' before devouring them alongside a nice cup of hot chocolate. Some of us even had a go at using a flint and steel to create the 'heat' for a fire.



“My favourite part was the popcorn popping out of the frying pan because I liked to watch it pop” – Sophie (Rabbit)

“I liked the little firework” (flint and steel) – Juliette (Woodpecker)

“I wish we could go back the next day and do it all again!” – Jasmin (Woodpecker)

“It was really amazing because we had hot chocolate and popcorn” – Sulayman (Kingfisher)


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