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Writing inspired by our topic 'As Cold As Ice' Nov 19

Amirah - Woodpecker
Iyla - Woodpecker
Reyansh - Woodpecker

Task - what clothes would you need on a winter's day?


The children in Reception focused on the following objectives in their writing...


  1. Apply initial and end sounds, applying known set 1 sounds that are phonetically correct but perhaps not accurate
  2. Applying set 1 and 2 sounds and starting to write sentences
  3. Confidently writing sentences and beginning to edit their work using the purple polishing pen
Diya - Owl
Efren - Owl
Daniel - Rabbit
Nina - Rabbit

Writing inspired by the text: 'The Great Fairy Tale Disaster' - Creative Focus Week

Ashwin - Owl Class
Simran - Owl Class
Ralph - Woodpecker Class
The children in Reception used the text 'The Great Fairy Tale Disaster' as a starting point for their writing - they thought of words to describe the big bad wolf's behaviour and appearance. They used their phonic knowledge to sound out words and tried to put their ideas into sentences.
Grace - Rabbit Class
Leona - Rabbit Class