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Reception Reporting of STEM Focus Week

We saw lots of great learning around school today.


Thank you to our Reception reporters, Halima, Audrey and Kiyan. They took brilliant photos of the learning taking place around school. 

Learning in Nursery

The children in Nursery were excited to show us their rocket models. They tested how far their rockets could travel in the Nursery garden.

Learning in Owl Class

Owl class have been learning about Mercury. They watched videos, read information books and created a 'word cloud' to record key words and vocabulary. Miles and Eliza have been writing a list of things they would take to space in a rocket. The children have been constructing a rocket using natural materials (e.g. sticks, pine cones and leaves) and will be testing how far their rockets travel later in the week.

Learning in Woodpecker Class

Woodpecker class have been programming the Blue-Bots to make them move forwards, backwards, left and right. They created their own space floor mats and gave their partner instructions to move the Blue-Bot around the space scene. 

Learning in Rabbit Class

The children have been retelling 'The Three Little Aliens and The Big Bad Robot.'

Learning in Kingfisher Class

Kingfisher class have been learning about Jupiter. They created posters to record their learning. 

Learning in Hedgehog Class

Hedgehog class have been creating rockets using junk modelling materials. 

Learning in Robin Class

Ivan from Robin class is constructing a "space station."

Learning in Fox Class

Fox class have been finding out facts about Neptune. They have created a poster to display the information. 

Learning in Heron Class

Heron class have been finding out facts about Pluto. They have created posters to display the information. 

Learning in Badger Class

Badger class have been learning about Uranus. Mishika explained how "it's got a big ring around it. Little specs of dust." Harvey talked about Uranus having "27 moons".