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Scoot-fit June 2019

On Wednesday 12th June, KS1 received a visit from Scoot Fit, a professional scooting company who use scooters as secret exercise machines! Their aim is to get children confident and competent at scooting after a single session so children want to scoot more often. Each class took part in a Scoot Fit session during which the children scooted for 30 minutes non stop to music helping develop skills, abilities and confidence.

Check out our scooting skills!

Pupil Voice:


Did you enjoy the Scoot-fit session? (A resounding 99% of the 176 children that took part in this activity said 'Yes!')


  • "I loved scooting and listening to music." George Yr2
  • "I enjoyed the ramps." Lily Yr2
  • "It was fun because I enjoyed scooting around with the music and it made me want to carry on scooting!" Kingfisher class
  • "It was fun because we got to use ramps and jump in the air." Nikhil Yr2
  • "It was very fun because we got to scoot to music." Stanley Yr2
  • "I enjoyed the choice of having a 2-wheeled or 3-wheeled scooter." Hedgehog class
  • "I enjoyed the whole thing!" Maheen Yr1


What did you learn from the Scoot-fit session?


  • "If you are about to fall, you steady yourself with your foot." Taybah Yr2
  • "To scoot more confidently." Kingfisher class
  • "You need a helmet and knee pads!" Nabeeha Yr2
  • "I learnt about special muscles in our knees." Amelia Yr2
  • "On two wheeled scooters you need to balance on one leg and keep your body up." Mahi Yr2
  • "I learnt how to properly use a scooter." Ronnie Yr2
  • "How to balance." Ivan Yr1


We asked the children if they would like us to buy some scooters for school - 159 (90%) KS1 children said 'Yes'. So we asked what they thought would be the benefit or impact of having scooters out at break times, here are some of their answers...


  • "We can keep fit!" Adam Yr2
  • "You can improve and move up to a 2-wheeled scooter." Hedgehog class
  • "Because we can use them to exercise." Rohail Yr2
  • "We will get fitter and do more sport." Hedgehog class
  • "Children could be active using a new piece of equipment." Lex Yr2
  • "It will keep us fit and healthy." Nataniel Yr2
  • "It will keep us fit and give us more energy, then we will have the gym and scooters!" Hafsah Yr1


We hope to buy some scooters, ramps, safety pads and music to listen to whilst scooting very soon (out of our Sports Premium Grant) so that we can provide opportunities for our children to keep fit and active during their break-times.

Fun facts about scooting: did you know...

  • Scooting burns 30% more calories than cycling and running
  • Scooting is faster than walking: a 20 minute walk only takes 7 minutes on a scooter
  • It is safer than cycling, because you scoot on the pavement
  • Scooting is a great way of building exercise into your child’s daily routine if they scoot to and from school
  • Scooting is an all over body workout engaging all the major muscle groups in the body.

As a direct result of this training, more children will want to be active on scooters so please encourage your child to scoot whenever possible; it’s really good for them!

If you have any questions about the training or what scooters are best for your child, please contact:      or