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Scooters on the playground

Following feedback from the children on our Scoot-fit experience day in June 2019 we decided to use some of our Sport Premium Grant to buy scooters for the children to use at lunchtimes.  On Wednesday 6th November 2020, Scoot-fit returned to our school to train the children and staff how to use our new equipment, and helped us to plan a circuit for scooting on the playground. It was a fantastic day, as you can see from the comments below...


Pupil Voice:

"We were going really, really fast - we wore helmets and knee pads to keep us safe!" (Taha - Kingfisher)


"It was really cool because there was a see-saw ramp." (Zeca - Robin)


"I thought it was really good because we got to exercise our legs more." (Darcie - Fox)


"It's really fun!" (Adam - Kingfisher)


"I like scooting, it made me feel energetic!" (Cerys - Fox)


"I liked it because it was fun - I liked the music." (George - Robin)


"I learnt that you go faster on the downward slope of the playground and you can free-wheel; I had to push with my feet on the up!" (Vidhya - Robin)


"I liked it because we could scoot a lot." (Francesca - Kingfisher)


"I liked scooting because I could feel the wind in my hair!" (Dylan - Fox)

It took some of us a little while to master how to fasten our helmets and knee pads, but we got there in the end!
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