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STEM Focus Week 2019

Our STEM Focus Week took place Monday 11th - Friday 15th February 2019 and was planned around the text ‘The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot’ by Margaret McNamara. All of the learning activities for the week were linked to English, Maths, Science and Computing. 


We contacted the author of the Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot and told her about our STEM Focus Week, here is what she had to say...

Science Activities


The children have been busy applying their working scientifically skills throughout STEM focus week. They have:

  • predicted which materials would be the most suitable for a rocket
  • experimented with materials by manipulating them in different ways
  • investigated how far the rockets would travel by launching them across the playground
  • made conclusions based on their findings
  • developed their knowledge of the solar system


Our mission...

Have a look at some of our fantastic work:

Pupil Voice:


"I enjoyed making and testing rockets because we could use our own ideas to make them and I enjoyed finding out which rocket went the furthest."- Darcie


"I liked learning about rockets and making rockets because they go into space!"- Kai


"My rocket went fast and I won!"- Zeca 


"I loved solving the problem of 'Which material would be the most suitable for a rocket?'. We had to work well in a team and it was a challenge!"- Matas

Technology Activities


This week, Cassiobury pupils have been official Reporters! One of the Computing activities that the children took part in was to interview pupils around the school and take photographs of what each class was doing during focus week and then upload their reports onto our website - you can see how they got on by clicking on the links below...


English Activities


The children have undertaken a variety of literacy activities this week linked to the story of 'The Big Bad Robot and the Three Little Aliens'. They have...


  • Retold the story through role-play
  • Answered reading comprehension questions linked to the story
  • labelled pictures, written lists and collected 'Wow' words from the text
  • written their own stories and letters about the Big Bad Robot
  • researched and created non-fiction texts about a space planet


Look how busy we have been...

Pupil Voice:


"I liked doing the writing because we were expanding nouns and writing questions." Nabeeha


"My best activity was The three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot when I was being an alien." Eli


"I enjoyed the book the Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot." Talya

                   Maths Activities



The children have been busy applying their mathematical skills throughout STEM focus week. They have:


  • weighed and measured ingredients for baking
  • estimated how far their rockets would travel
  • used standard and non-standard lengths to measure how far their rockets travelled
  • collected data in tables and bar charts

Pupil Voice:


"We've planned this and persevered and worked as a team, so when we threw our rocket it was fun to measure how far it had travelled!" Alison


"The metre stick must be at the end of the rocket for accurate measuring!" Ayaan


"This was the best day ever I could imagine in school because we’ve baked cakes and we get to buy them!" Adam


"My favourite part of focus week was making the rockets and seeing how far they would go and measuring which went the greatest distance." Laila