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STEM Focus Week 2020

STEM Focus Week (9th - 13th March 2020)
as told by the children


As part of our STEM Focus Week activities, each year group has been asked to report on a day for the school newsletter and website. Below are the children’s thoughts and words about their Focus Week…


Monday 9th March 2020- Year 2


STEM focus week was kicked off by an exciting maths quiz. We all split into our year groups and nominated  one person per team to answer some maths questions. When we got to the hall, it was set up like a real quiz with noisy buzzers! Some of the questions were quite tricky but we managed to answer all of them. Gade team won because they were super quick at answering the questions and didn't hesitate once they had pressed the buzzer.


"I enjoyed answering the questions because I liked the challenge." [Fariah]

"I loved watched to see who got the most points, it was really exciting!" [Dylan]

"I wasn't the nominated person but I enjoyed answering the questions in my head whilst being an audience member!" [Alfred]


After taking part in the exciting maths quiz, it was time to go back to our classrooms where we read the focus story 'The Nowhere box'. Once we were familiar with the story, it was time to design our own 'Nowhere box'. We worked in teams to come up with a design.


"I enjoyed designing the different features, like the draw bridge." [Sacha]

"I enjoyed reviewing our designs and seeing if we could make them better." [Ingrid]


What a great first day we have had! We can't wait to actually MAKE our Nowhere boxes!

Tuesday 10th March - Nursery


We enjoyed hearing our STEM focus week story of 'The Nowhere Box' and have started creating our own nowhere boxes. So far we have a train, a rocket and a 'frog in a box'!

The Nursery children did some shared writing with the help of their teacher.

Wednesday 11th March - Reception


We are having a very busy week...yesterday The Canal and River Trust visited our school to talk to us about different ways to stay safe around canals and rivers and how to look after our local environment. 


"We learnt in the hall with our visitor about the canals" [James]

"We learnt not to go near the canal so that we don't fall in"  [Adam]

On Monday we designed our 'Nowhere Boxes', inspired by the story written by Sam Zappardi...Can you guess where they might take us?


Children in Owl class said...

"We loved designing and making the boxes, making it into a rocket, fridge and time machine."

"We loved reading the book."

After we finished our designs, we set about making our 'Nowhere boxes'. We really enjoyed getting creative and working like Bee!


"I made a castle...with a floppy door." [Freddie]

"I liked making my Nowhere Box. We made a hotel. We liked making the food."[Jasmin]

"We liked measuring our boxes and ordering them from shortest to tallest." [Owl Class]

"I liked making the nowhere box. I made a time machine. I used CDs because it looked like a rainbow on the back."[Israa]

"I liked making the nowhere box. I made a car. The car goes to Nowhere." [Kiyaan]

"My favourite part was making the nowhere box. It was a castle rocket. I used foil and tape to make it." [Bhargav]

As part of British Science Week, we have been using our scientific skills to try & work out what might be in the mystery box. We had to ask questions to work out what it could be! 


"I liked when we all thought about what was in the box. We asked questions and then had to guess. It was a fox."  [Simi]

We have also been using our Maths skills... 


"We liked measuring our boxes and ordering them from shortest to tallest." [Owl Class]

Thursday 12th March


This week in Year 1 it was STEM focus week. We had a Maths Quiz and in it Chess Team won.  My favourite question was “Is it a pentagon?”

We have been reading the story “The Nowhere Box” by Sam Zuppardi.  It was a bit exciting because we were going to make our own Nowhere boxes.  But we needed to know the story because it was the story of the focus week.  We designed our Nowhere boxes to build.  Mine was a rocket, ours was a flying car and mine was a castle with a balcony.  The best part of making the boxes was putting string on it, decorating inside the box and putting the flag on one of the turrets.

The teachers took a video of us holding our Nowhere boxes in front of a green screen. We had to say what our box was and how we decorated it. It was fun!

We also went on a trip to Cassiobury Park and we made boats.  We floated them on the River Gade.  They were made out of cork, elastic bands and a thin lolly stick with some red foil.  Did they sink or float? The all floated because they were light and made out of very light materials which were buoyant.


Today it is non-uniform day and I came as a garden (Poorani).  I came as a dragon (Joe) and Kush is going to put out my fire if it gets out of control with fire everywhere! (Joe). I’m a rocket and it says so on my t-shirt (Senna).


The best bit of the week was when we made our Nowhere boxes, then lifted them into the hall and took the video.



Poorani from Hedgehog class

Senna from Kingfisher class

Joe from Robin class

Friday 13th March


We rounded off our focus week with a visit from Parth and Simran's dad who taught us about drones and their uses in a special assembly. We found out a drone can fly up to 400m high! The WHOLE SCHOOL then went outside to watch him fly the drone...the children were so excited and had a great morning.