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Tennis Festival

Cassiobury Infants Tennis Festival

Tuesday 10th July 2018


The children in Year 2, Year 1 and Reception enjoyed a fantastic tennis festival where they were able to demonstrate all the skills they had learnt during the Summer Term with their tennis coach, Angie. The weather was perfect, much cooler and with a welcome breeze.

The winners were Blue Team with 587 points.

Second were Green Team with 527 points and third were Red Team with 519 points.

Congratulations Blue Team!

Pupil Voice:

I really enjoyed the tennis festival because I could show off my tennis skills. (Abha)

The festival was fun because there were lots of different activities. (Summer)

My favourite activity was throwing the beanbag into the net because I was practising my throwing skills. (Arush)

I enjoyed the festival because I like competing against the other teams. (Elliot)

My favourite activity was ‘catching lives’ because it was challenging and I like to be challenged. (Ayaan)


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