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Tennis Festival

Cassiobury Infants Tennis Festival

 July 2019


The children in Year 2, Year 1 and Reception enjoyed a fantastic tennis festival where they were able to demonstrate all the skills they had learnt during the Summer Term with their tennis coach, Angie. The weather was perfect, much cooler and with a welcome breeze.

The winners were Colne with 163 points. 

Congratulations Colne!

Pupil Voice:

"I liked all the sports, Angie is a good teacher, she teaches us new things at tennis like how to drop the ball and hit it." (George)


"I enjoyed doing the tennis when we were bouncing the ball and then hitting it to the other person."



"I had so much fun because you got points for trying to put the ball over the net." 



"I thought it was really fun because it was all sports and I really like sport!"