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Virtual Reality Space Workshop September 2019

On Tuesday 10th September, we travelled to Mars and Jupiter...wearing virtual reality headsets to explore Space and the planets. Each KS1 class took part in a workshop in which the whole class simultaneously blasted off into space, piloting their research vessels around planets and moons, learning about the solar system.

Pupil voice:

Q. Did you enjoy the Space workshop?


"Yes - I saw a rocket and the planets!"  Kush

"It was scary when I put the googles on, but it was fun when the journey started."   Rosie

"I liked learning what the planets are called." (Miles)

"I enjoyed learning and looking at all the planets in space." (Nancy)

"I enjoyed it because I liked learning things I didn’t already know and getting information about the planets." (Anika)

"I liked it because it was fun getting know about things in space." (Florence)

 “I liked it because it felt like I was falling in space!” (James)



Q. What did you learn?


"I learnt that Mars is smaller than Earth." (Aashna)

"1, 300 Earths can fit inside Jupiter!" (Dogu)

"I learnt that it was 60 miles to get into space."  (Hridaya)

"I learnt that Jupiter has a big red spot on it."   (Archie)

"I learned what the inside of a rocket looks like" (Eli)



With this fascinating workshop, perhaps we will inspire the next generation of scientists and astronauts who may one day blast off into space for real!