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Cassiobury Infant and Nursery School

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  • To reduce waste through recycling and re-using



  • Teach children about recycling through workshops
  • Hold a (Re)Love our stuff event
  • Eco-Committee to write a letter to parents encouraging them to try and use alternatives to single-use plastic in lunch boxes
  • Recycle plastic bottles to make a green-house
  • Appoint recycling monitors in each classroom
  • Reduce waste in school 

Christmas Lunch - 13th December 2019


In our drive to reduce waste, instead of using paper plates and disposable knives and forks, this year we had our Christmas lunch on re-usable plastic trays with metal cutlery. This meant that the kitchen staff had some washing up to do...but they didn't mind because they're helping to save our planet!

UK Parliament Week 2nd-8th Nov 19 - classes debated various topics including the impact of single use plastics

Recycling Week - September 2019

Toy and Book Swap


As part of our drive to reduce waste and teach the children about recycling and reusing we held a ‘Toy & Book Swap’ on MONDAY 10th FEBRUARY 2020.


A representative from Watford Veolia, called Sheila came in to help us run the workshop. The children were told:


  • bring any unwanted toys or books (in good / working condition) to school on Monday 10th February [no soft toys/teddies please]
  • your child will be given a token for each item that they bring in
  • each age group will have an opportunity to visit the swap-shop and choose a new toy / book in exchange for their token(s)

Pupil Voice:


Did you enjoy taking part in the toy and book swap?


  • "I enjoyed it because we got to get new toys without spending any more money." (Freddie)
  • "I enjoyed it because we could swap old things for new and not waste toys and books." (Mason)
  • "Yes because it was fun finding new toys." (Simran)
  • "Yes. I like that we got pick different toys and give our old toys away so we could recycle them." (Kingfisher)

  • "It's nice to try new toys." (Hedgehog)

  • "I liked it because I could get some good toys." (Ehan)

  •  "I really liked toy swap because I got new toys!" (Sophie)


What did you bring in / swap?


  • "A brought in a Lego book and swapped it for a puzzle!" (Ava)
  • "I brought in a robot and swapped it for some books." (Ferdie)
  • "I brought in a book and swapped it for a dinosaur toy." (Mason)
  • "I brought in a phone that's a toy and a book. I got a book with cars." (Martin)
  • "I brought in PAW patrol toys and an Incredibles book." (Kingfisher)

  • "I brought some slime, play-dough and play-dough moulds."

  • "I swapped books for a toy and an art kit." (Chloe)

  • "I swapped a toy dinosaur for a game." (Harrison)

  • "I liked swapping my toys for new ones instead of throwing them away, I swapped a toy car and a book and got new books to read." (Libby)

  • "I got a Mini-Mouse toy and a Thomas the Tank Engine." (Fallon)


Why is re-using items / objects a good thing to do?


  • "It's good because we are not wasting things." (Mason)
  • "It is good to reuse things so we do not create more plastic which is bad for the environment." (Alfred)
  • "Because you can swap them with other people if you don't want them." (Hannah)
  • "So we can reuse stuff and not waste it." (Thea)
  • "Because we can save the planet!" (Kingfisher)

  • "Because fish won't get hurt because we are stopping plastic going in the sea." (Kingfisher)

  • "So other people can use things we don't need." (Kingfisher)

  • "It's a good idea to give away a toy that you are tired of and get a really good one!" (Hedgehog)

  • "It;s good to swap so others can enjoy toys you've finished playing with." (Anika)

  • "Reusing things like toys is good because it saves the planet!" (Freddie)