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Year 1


Past and Present


Year 1 were able to work historically by exploring what toys were like in the past and comparing them to toys in the present.  They discovered that many toys in the past were in fact similar to the present such as dolls, wooden animals, jigsaws and story books.  The main difference was that many toys today are electronic.


They learnt that during World War 2 when the manufacture of toys was stopped, children had to use their initiative to find things around their homes to make into toys and wooden pegs made great toy dolls.  Year 1 then had the opportunity to make their own peg dolls.


Pupil Voice

'We learnt that some toys from the past are different from ours. We made a peg doll which was challenging to draw the clothes, hair and face!' Georgia 

'I really liked making the peg doll as I got to choose what to dress the doll in.'  Aima



Significant Historical people


As part of our topic 'To Infinity and Beyond' Year 1 investigated the life and achievements of Neil Armstrong. The children ordered the events of Neil Armstrong's life in chronological order.


Pupil Voice

'I like history because there are lots of things to discover that we don't know. I learnt that Neil Armstrong was the first person to step on the moon.'    Jonathan 

'I think Neil Armstrong was amazing! I learnt he had to work hard to become an astronaut and he loved flying.' Joe B