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Year 1 Reporting STEM Focus Week

Some year 1 children became reporters to feedback what the school have been carrying out on Day 1 of the STEM Focus Week.


Rabbit Class enjoyed reading the story of The Little Aliens and the Big Bad Wolf, while Hedgehog class acted out events and Badger class completed some comprehension activities.



Robin class were finding out facts about Saturn and created a word cloud.

    “I found out Saturn is the second biggest planet.” (Maya)


Kingfisher and Nursery were using a variety of materials to make rockets, while in Woodpecker class they enjoyed singing a solar system song.



Owl were learning about direction using the Bluebots, while Heron and Fox were ordering the lengths of different planets.



What a lot of learning and that's just day 1!  Check back to find out more tomorrow.

Ingrid, Shivam, Alfred and Jet

Year 1 reporters