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Year 2

Significant Events


The Great Fire of London


Year 2 experienced the 'thrills and spills' of the Great Fire of London during a workshop about the fire.  This was the perfect launch for their history topic about a significant event.  The children discovered amazing facts about the fire from studying various different resources. This enabled them to begin to understand and compare the strength and weaknesses of different resources such as eye witness accounts, newspaper reports and books written after the event. The children produced timelines of the fire and wrote diary entries as if they were the famous diarist, Samuel Pepys.


Pupil Voice

'I wanted to find out why the fire spread. Why was it called the 'Great Fire'? In the workshop I learnt that people escaped the fire by rowing across the Thames to the other side.  Freddy

'In the workshop we acted out travelling back to 1666 to see the Great Fire of London. I learnt that the fire started in a bakery.' Lubka