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Year 2

Animals including humans

As part of the 'Animals including Humans' topic, the children learnt about what humans need to stay alive and healthy. They discovered that a balanced diet and exercise is important to live a healthy life. To support this they set up an investigation to show the effect different drinks have on our teeth. They made predictions about each drink and then set the liquids aside and observed what happened.


Living things and their habitats

During our 'Living things and their habitats' unit we first discussed what it means to be 'living' and what we need to continue to live. We then went on a hunt on the playground for things which were living, dead or have never been alive. 


Once we had developed our understanding of 'living things' we learnt about their different habitats. We discovered that not all living things can live in each habitat as not all habitats are suitable. We played 'silly or suited' to explore appropriate habitats.

Everyday Materials
During our 'everyday materials' unit, we explored a variety of different materials such as plastic, glass, wood and metal and discovered their properties through a range of experiments. We learnt about Charles Macintosh, who invented a waterproof material and carried out an investigation to see which other materials are waterproof. Once we were confident with the properties of the different materials, we played 'silly or suited' where we had to suggest whether a material would be suitable for an object.