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Year 2 Reporting STEM Focus Week

Today, our reporters- Alison, George, Leonie, Eloise, Thomas and Evan- went on a mission to gather information about the learning which was taking place across the year groups.


They travelled far and wide, dodging meteorites left, right and centre to bring you the latest learning happening at Cassiobury Infants School, Earth.


Here is their report:




The nursery children enjoyed telling us about their week:


‘I have made flying saucers with cheese, flour, butter and a bit of milk.’- Ralph

‘We have been throwing rockets into the sky!’- Anne



This afternoon in reception we discovered that they were measuring how far their rockets had travelled. Georgia from Owl class informed us that they were ‘trying to find out how far the rockets would go’.

Here are some examples of their favourite parts of the week:


‘I liked making the rocky road. We made it using chocolate and biscuits.’- Charlotte from Owl class

‘I enjoyed learning about the planets. Venus is the hottest planet!’- George from Rabbit class

‘ I made a planet Earth using pencils.’- Jonathan from Woodpecker class

Year 1


In year 1, the children were writing descriptions of the Big Bad Robot using adjectives. Mia from Hedgehog explained that she had been learning about the Big Bad Robot all week and she described what it sounded and looked like.

We also asked them what their favourite part of the week has been and this is what they said:


‘My favourite was making a rocket to save the Three Little Aliens. We launched them to test which went the furthest. It was made of plastic!’- Harrison from Kingfisher class

‘I enjoyed exploring Chatterpix on the iPads and recording different voices for the characters’- Annika from Kingfisher class

‘I enjoyed making rockets out of cardboard!’- Jacob from Robin class

Year 2


In year 2, we have been measuring how far our rockets could travel. First we made predictions and then we investigated outside by launching the rockets across the playground. 5,4,3,2,1... BLAST OFF!! We measured the distance using a metre stick, using our maths learning to make sure that we were measuring accurately.


In Fox class we discovered that metal was the most suitable material to make a rocket out of.

In Heron class we found that paper was the most suitable.

In Badger class we found that cardboard was most suitable for a rocket!!


We compared results across year 2 and concluded that this may be because of our designs and the construction of our rockets.